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Aromatherapy: Bergamot


Bergamot, also known as Citrus bergamia, is one of the most used essential oils in my aromatherapy collection. While it offers many benefits, it’s my go-to for cleansing, refreshing, invigorating and uplifting body, mind, heart and soul. As with lemon, the oil is found in the fruit rind.


If you’ve ever sipped a cup of Earl Grey tea, you’ve inhaled bergamot, taken the infusion (covered steeping) or decoction (uncovered steeping) internally (drank the tea) and experienced its benefits firsthand. Bergamot is great for mental clarity, before/during/after rough days, party prep and, it is believed, inviting money into your life.

While I dearly love tea, the bath is my treasured aromatherapy ritual. I draw the water, add a few drops of my favorite homemade blend of essential oils into the stream, sink in and draw the curtain for old-fashioned steam bath bliss. One aromatherapy book I love is Aromatherapy for Women by Maggie Tisserand.

Blend your essential oils of choice with a base or carrier, such as unscented massage oil or liquid soap, shampoo or conditioner. Think of the essential oils as paints and the base or carrier as your canvas. For a liquid soap-type base, I prefer Sunshine Concentrate, because it can be used for makeup removal, soap and shampoo, cleans the tub or sink while it’s cleaning you (no residue), is safe for kids and pets, eco-friendly and a little goes quite a long way. I’ve yet to finish my first 32-oz. bottle.

Here’s my daily Bergamot Bath recipe:

30 drops bergamot

20 drops geranium

20 drops red mandarin

10 drops lavender

Sunshine Concentrate

15 ml empty amber glass blending bottle

small funnel

label (already written/printed as to bottle contents from most to least amounts – important safety measure)

clear shipping tape

(NOTE: During the warmer months, I add 3 to 6 drops peppermint as well for its long-lasting cooling properties.)


Using the funnel, add the essential oils, one at a time, and close their lids securely. (This little detail eliminates cross-contamination of oils and waste due to spills and evaporation.) Fill the blending bottle to its “shoulders” with Sunshine Concentrate. (This leaves space in the bottle for blending.) Remove the funnel, cap the amber bottle and shake or roll in your hands for a few minutes. Clean and dry the bottle exterior, apply a label and seal it with clear shipping tape. Store in a cool, dark place and out of the reach of children and pets.


Add three to six drops of the bergamot bath blend to the bath, either under the stream or vigorously stir in to disperse the oils sufficiently.

Saturate cotton ball in water. Add two drops bergamot bath blend to cotton ball. Apply cotton ball gently to remove makeup.

Wet hands or rag with water. Add two drops of bergamot bath blend. Wash face. Rinse face and hands thoroughly with water.

(NOTE: If adverse reactions occur, immediately discontinue use and seek help. When the contents are used up, thoroughly clean the bottle and remove the old label before re-use.)

(DISCLOSURE: Belinda Y. Hughes is an Independent Consultant for Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. aka NSP. Opinions expressed in this post are her own.)

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