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Recipe: Apple Cider Soda

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One 16 oz bottle spring water

Capful of apple cider vinegar

Capful of honey (vegan substitute: light agave syrup)

Add vinegar and honey to water. Cap tightly and shake vigorously. Serve immediately.


I got this recipe from Tony Palombo, the chiropractor. My bff’s mom, Martha Leger, also said they (Prairie Cajuns) used to drink it as a refreshment when they came in from farming. Use as a coffee, tea, soda and flavored water replacement to reduce acid and inflammation in the body.



  • Vinegar = Vitamin C and Alkaline
  • Honey = Vitamin E and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Water = Anti-Inflammatory
  • Fits the Ayurvedic (Hindu healing system) daily glass of lemonade recommendation for cleansing
  • Vinegar balances pH and helps release negative energies (ex., anger, frustration, unshed tears, etc.), especially when used as a bath during a full or waning moon.
  • Helpful in weight loss and boosting the immune system for cold/flu season.
  • Drink hot or cold.

Author: belindayhughes

Belinda Y. Hughes is a lifestyle coach and freelance writer. She is a certified yoga teacher and retired licensed massage therapist. Her vegetarian cookbook, Confessions of a Red Hot Veggie Lover 2, has made the Amazon Top 100 a few times.

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