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Recipe: Apple Cider Soda

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One 16 oz bottle spring water

Capful of apple cider vinegar

Capful of honey (vegan substitute: light agave syrup)

Add vinegar and honey to water. Cap tightly and shake vigorously. Serve immediately.


I got this recipe from Tony Palombo, the chiropractor. My bff’s mom, Martha Leger, also said they (Prairie Cajuns) used to drink it as a refreshment when they came in from farming. Use as a coffee, tea, soda and flavored water replacement to reduce acid and inflammation in the body.



  • Vinegar = Vitamin C and Alkaline
  • Honey = Vitamin E and Anti-Inflammatory
  • Water = Anti-Inflammatory
  • Fits the Ayurvedic (Hindu healing system) daily glass of lemonade recommendation for cleansing
  • Vinegar balances pH and helps release negative energies (ex., anger, frustration, unshed tears, etc.), especially when used as a bath during a full or waning moon.
  • Helpful in weight loss and boosting the immune system for cold/flu season.
  • Drink hot or cold.

Author: belindayhughes

Belinda Y. Hughes is a retired Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT - AR, LA, TX) and Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT). She is a graduate of Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy and Shivan's Yoga. Her family practice included stress management, personal injury (workplace and auto), pregnancy, childbirth, children, menopause, elderly, disabled and special events. Belinda is proficient in many modalities of natural health, including aromatherapy, breathwork, nutrition, Reiki and sports and Swedish massage. She has directed massage teams at the Louisiana State Senior Olympics Games, Cal-Cam Fair and CITGO and Coushatta Casino Associate Health Fairs and participated in other teams. In addition, she has been a presenter at the Moss Bluff Lions Club and Mossville Homemakers Club, among others. Belinda is the author of Confessions of a Red Hot Veggie Lover 2 (Amazon), a vegetarian cookbook and develops diversity unit studies for homeschool.

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